England's World Cup captain Steven Gerrard has called for goal-line technology to be introduced to football.

The Three Lions were victims of a questionable decision in their last-16 encounter against Germany in South Africa when a potential equaliser from Frank Lampard was disallowed despite clearly crossing the line.

Gerrard really hope that the failure of the linesman to see Frank Lampard's goal will opens the debate up again about goal-line technology. Though, he can't understand why there is so much opposition to the goal-line technology because it is about decisions that can decide things as big as the World Cup. He fear that the decision will be made by people who don't play the game and who aren't affected by these mistakes.

UEFA experimented with extra officials behind the goals during the Europa League and, after experiencing that system with Liverpool,Gerrard believes a similar strategy should have been employed at the World Cup. He added that if there had been a linesman behind the German goal then maybe England would still be in the World Cup.

The Reds skipper also feels that players should have a larger influence in changes made to the rules.These decisions are made they are always made by officials, but they don't play the game.

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